• Realise that alcohol abuse is extremely destructive and considered a serious substance addiction.
  • Alcoholism is known to cause cirrhosis and cancer of the stomach, mouth, throat, and aesophagus.

  • Combination treatment is usually more successful than mono treatment.
  • It usually takes only a single laser therapy session to reduce alcohol dependency.

Alcohol abuse is a social problem that many find difficult to curb.

While modest alcohol consumption is said to have several health benefits, these benefits are almost always easy to be replicated via consumption of other substances. Contrastingly, the health risks arising from long-term consumption of alcohol outweighs the benefits. Furthermore, negative impact from alcohol consumption may be indirect, such as accidents, lapses of violent behaviour and inclination towards criminal activity.

Soft laser therapy can help with alcohol addiction.

Imagine Laserworks’ soft laser acupuncture is a positive step towards an alcohol-free lifestyle. It is a pain-free treatment that combines the ancient art of acupuncture with the latest cutting edge technology to treat alcohol abuse. Utilising soft laser to stimulate various acupuncture points on the ears, wrists and knees, we can help clients reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as hand tremors, insomnia and psychomotor agitations. Clients will be increasingly less affected by the decreasing frequency of withdrawal symptoms, and thus over time, clients will acclimatize to the absence of alcohol consumption.

What are the procedures involved?

As individual clients may manifest different types of withdrawal symptoms at varying degrees, it may take more than a single therapy session to effectively reduce the addiction. But this surely beats multiple weeks of prolonged stay at rehabilitation centres. Each session at Imagine Laserworks would generally involve the following procedures:

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