• As of February 2016, there are 131, 841 registered drug addicts in Malaysia.
  • The study also indicates that for those who have been rehabilitated, the relapse rate is over 50%.

  • Laser Acupuncture works by reducing or removing drug cravings, allowing the person to rehabilitate.
  • It takes only a single treatment to drastically reduce drug cravings for a long period of time.

Drug abuse in Malaysia is becoming a concern.

Often, causes such as absence of moral standards, peer pressure, depression and lack of willpower are attributed to drug abuse. In truth, drug abuse and addiction is a complex problem that is rooted in drugs interfering with the normal brain function and result in extreme withdrawal symptoms that can break down the strongest of will to quit.

Remove Drug Cravings.

The best way to stop drug abuse directly at the physiological level is simply to remove the drug cravings, thereby making it easier to quit. Imagine Laserworks combines the ancient art of acupuncture with the latest cutting edge technology to do exactly this. The therapy stimulates specific hormones in the body to relieve cravings and also common drug withdrawal symptoms such as depression, fatigue, cramps, palpitations, nausea, trembling, headaches, seizures and runny nose. The road to recovery after this should be easier as you will have no cravings, and no withdrawal effects. Quitting then becomes easy.

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