Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is soft laser acupuncture medically approved?

    In the medical community, soft laser acupuncture is not defined as a medical procedure, much like how the traditional acupuncture is perceived. It is regarded as a complementary/alternative treatment which helps in pain relief and alleviation from the said ailment. However, many medical doctors and dentists do refer their patients to Imagine Laserworks as we would only conduct treatment on clients using FDA approved laser equipment.

  • Will there be any damage to my skin?

    No, our electrical stimulation uses very low-voltage and causes no harm at all. You may only feel a slight tingling sensation if you have sensitive skin.

  • Will there be any risk of infection or side effects to this therapy?

    Absolutely none. The soft laser acupuncture is completely safe, painless and drug-free. There has been no known side effects from this therapy so far and rest assured that our certified soft laser technicians would only use approved proprietary protocols specially created for Imagine Laserworks.

  • How effective is soft laser acupuncture?

    Soft laser acupuncture’s effectiveness is fairly good depending on several factors. Results vary from client to client as it also depends very much on the commitments made by the respective client.

  • What happens if my ailment returns or if I return to my addiction?

    We highly recommend our clients to lead a healthy lifestyle after each therapy session. If the addiction reoccurs or the ailment returns, there is a need to repeat the entire procedure. However, the following therapy session would be conducted at a reduced rate.

  • Is soft laser acupuncture suitable for anyone?

    Contraindications include(not suitable for) pregnant women, cancer patients and people with pacemakers.

  • Is there any age limit to this therapy?

    Soft laser acupuncture is painless, non-invasive and is safe for people of all ages.

  • How long does the therapy take?

    A typical session takes between 15 and 45 minutes depending on each person’s condition.

  • How many treatments are needed and are they guaranteed to work?

    The number of laser sessions required varies from person to person. The staff at Imagine Laserworks will explain and customize a plan specifically for you. Results differ and there is no guarantee it works for everyone.