Smoking has inherently become a part of the society. Almost every day or anywhere, especially in Malaysia, you will see someone smoking, be it a male or female. No thanks to the lack of enforcement and civic mindedness, we can expect the trend to go upwards. Despite efforts from various parties and organizations, we seemed to be hitting a roadblock.

Being a smoker myself, I truly understand how convenient it is to get a puff anytime, anywhere. I had never really given a thought about the people around me. It’s like, hey, this restaurant permits smoking, so why the stare? You don’t like the smell, you can just go to another place what?! Then I just continue with my don’t care attitude and keep on puffing like a chimney top.

Back in the days, and I mean really, really back in the days, teenagers hangout or mix with their peers for more often than not, for all the wrong reasons. Myself included it seems cool to have a cigarette dangling on your lips and fingers. Hey, it shows maturity, brings out the manliness and the coolness in you and most of the delusional kids (myself included) fell into this trap. Now that I think of it, why did I have this foolish thought that caused me this addiction for at least 20 years. I think up to this point, a lot would have agreed with me on these. Anyway, more sharing later as my mind is blocked now. Chiaoz!!

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