• The Malaysia Health Ministry in 2015 stated that roughly 30%, or 8.5 million people can be classified as overweight, an alarming figure.
  • Stress and modern lifestyle have largely contributed to the increase in overweight people.

  • Laser Acupuncture is a safe method of helping people beat weight problems.
  • It works by stimulating nerves associated with controlling appetite, increasing metabolism and controlling hunger cravings.

Is it Hard to Lose Weight?

Yes, for people with low metabolism it can be very difficult. Being overweight is challenging to tackle depending on the individual’s case. It most certainly involves dietary changes and an exercise routine. We advocate the use of soft laser therapy as an add-on treatment, in combination with other sensible lifestyle choices. This is why we take our post coaching sessions seriously and is very much part of our treatment process to help clients lose weight.

Using Laser Acupuncture to Lose Weight.

Two basic causes of weight problems are high food cravings and low metabolism. High food intake plus low metabolism forces the body to store an unwanted amounts of fat excess. Imagine Laserworks’ revolutionary soft laser acupuncture technology can help stimulate specific hormones that affect metabolism and appetite cravings. This, in addition to our coaching system, has enjoyed a good track record and a high success rates.

More Info About How It Works

Testimonials from our recent clients.

  • A Happy Client

    Less hunger cravings.

    "In 35 days, I lost 30 pounds(13kgs) and have had less hunger cravings."

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  • KimKemi Tan

    Significant weight drop after only several treatments.

    "I started the 1st laser acupunture treatment in end Dec16 and consistently follow their guidelines and tips on food intake. Everytime i completed a treatment, metabolisme rate changed,craving for food lessen. Finished 4 times of treatment in mid February, a significant weight drop of 3 kgs and inches. The treatment is really help compared to my past experience with others! Thanks to the team for their encouragement throughout the process and professional treatment and advice."

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  • Ms. Lynette

    Lost inches and feels great.

    "Now I started to fit into clothes that I have been unable to wear."

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